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      9 oz Clear Plastic Cups with Lids - 25 Sets Dessert Cups with Dome Lids (NO HOLE), Crystal PET Parfait Cups with Lids, Disposable Party Cups for Fruit/Ice Cream/Cupcake/Iced Cold Drinks

      Material Plastic
      Color Clear
      Brand Aatriet
      Capacity 8.96 Ounces

      About this item

      • IT DOESN'T BREAK. This cup is not hard plastic or brittle. It is sturdy and durable. Food Safety Plastic & BPA free: Aatriet cups are made of premium, clear, sturdy and durable food safety Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with no toxins or harsh chemical additives. Safe for cold drinks and dessert.
      • Be a hit at party: The dome lid is tall enough to put decorations on the dessert top,provides plenty of room for the creative work. Perfect for dessert, cupcake, yogurt parfait, ice cream, mousse, fruit, snacks, popcorn, sundae, jello shot, cookies, trifle, salad.
      • Elevate the looks of your homemade dessert: Exquisite clear plastic cup help your homemade dessert look pretty, tasteful and professional. Restaurant quality adds a classy touch for the content inside. Premium quality cups with reasonable price. You’ll definitely be happy with your purchase.
      • KIDS FRIENDLY, Easy to storage & transport: Perfect size for kids and adults. No more spills. No more mess. No worries about the bugs or dust. with the lid, you could prepare and save dessert in freezer. Guests could take it home and enjoy later. Perfect for individual servings.
      • Multi-purpose for many occasions: weddings, baby showers, birthdays, bakeries and catering events,picnic, party, bake sale, just grab and go.

      Product description

      Item Package Quantity:25  |  Size:9 oz

      What will you get from the package

      1. 25 clear plastic cups
      2. 25 dome lids, NO HOLE
      3. Size: 9 oz

      9 REASONS for why you should buy this product

      1. 9oz is the perfect size for dessert. It’s not huge, and easy to carry around.
      2. Comfortable for kids’ hands. They cannot hold huge cups.
      3. Exquisite clear plastic cup help your homemade dessert look pretty, tasteful and professional. elevate the look and surprise your guests!
      4. The Lids will keep away dust, bugs, and flies.
      5. With the lids, it is convenient to store and transport. You could make the dessert in advance and keep it in fridge.
      6. Totally eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable-you could reuse it for several times.
      7. Wasting time on washing cups and cleaning up the mess after party? Try disposable plastic cup with lid! It will help you out in no time!
      8. The clear design let you write customers’ orders, add labels and stickers to customize cups. Perfect for to go orders.
      9. The crystal clear plastic cup shows the beauty of the content inside and during a busy event, people could recognize what it is in no time.


      1. The cups are made for cold or room temperature drinks & food only. Please DO NOT use them for hot drinks, and DO NOT put them in microwave or dishwasher.
      2. Your satisfaction is our priority. Buy with total confidence and enjoy the product. We will make sure you love Aatriet cups. Or you will have your money back.

      It's deeper than a cupcake, but one will fit in it.
      By Ray Crawford on May 17, 2021
      How wide in inches, is the opening of the dessert cup?
      About 3.5 inches wide.
      By Ray Crawford on March 26, 2021
      What is the combined height of cup and do med lid? I need a 5" or so minimum height for a decorated cupcake cup.
      I measured 4-3/8 inches for the cup with the lid securely in place.
      By MsJava on March 27, 2021
      Cup is 3 inches deep. Lid adds 1 inch.
      By Ray Crawford on March 26, 2021
      Mine is 3" . They would work for regular cupcakes though, I believe.
      By Vicki Deeson on March 26, 2021